New AK-PC 782A for Integrated and Optimized Pack Control

New Danfoss AK-PC 782A for integrated pack control in transcritical CO2 booster packs is now available. Precise regulation, improved efficiency and enhanced user-friendliness are some of the highlights of the new controller. AK-PC 782A replaces AK-PC 781 in most transcritical CO2applications. The new AK-PC 782A offers fully integrated pack control in transcritical CO2 booster packs. Where previously multiple controllers were needed, AK-PC 782A performs all necessary control functions as one, integrated solution. The integrated control leads to precise regulation and high efficiency even in challenging operational conditions. AK-PC 782A handles up to eight MT and four LT compressors. AK-PC 782A introduces floating receiver pressure control. This feature has been measured to return energy savings of up to four percent in warmer climates. Easy to Install, Commission and Use in Daily Operation AK-PC 782A is easy to install and commission thanks to the wizard-like set-up tool. One visit to the site is all it takes, while fine-tuning to achieve optimum operating conditions can be performed remotely. In addition to pack control, AK-PC 782A offers control of several other functions, including floor heating, space heating and pumps. The graphic interface has been greatly improved to support easy trouble-shooting and service during daily operation. Facts about AK-PC 782A
  • One controller for up to 12 compressors
    • 8 MT/IT (IT = parallel compression) + 4 LT
  • Gas cooler and High Pressure system control
  • Floating Receiver Pressure control
  • Heat recovery control
  • Oil flow and oil pressure control
  • General purpose IO (25pcs)
  • General purpose PI controllers (3pcs)
    • By Quick Selection of the most common applications
  • Enhanced local and remote User Experience
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