New drive controller from ebm-papst

Modern intra-logistics applications such as cross belt sorters, warehouse shuttles or driver-free transport systems, as well as the widest variety of applications in automation technology need innovative electronics solutions. The new drive controller VARIOTRONIC VTD-24.40-K4 from ebm-papst, for the position-controlled operation of BLDC engines with a distinctive overload capacity, meets exactly these requirements. vtd_xx_xx_k4s_104x104   With nominal voltages of 24 and 48 VDC, power outputs of up to 1,000 W are possible at a constant current of 40 A. Peak currents of up to 100 A are available for up to a duration of 5 seconds, which clearly sets this driver controller apart from usual controllers on the market. The field-oriented commutation of the BLDC engine under control ensures greater overall efficiency of the drive system compared to other types of commutation. The integrated interface RS 485 offers comprehensive options for parameterizing and diagnosis. Using the "Kickstart" software, operation is user-friendly, as is the setting of speed, torque and position control. The compact design in a robust housing part allows for space-saving mounting of the controller on the machine in the direct environment of the engine; alternatively, it is also possible to mount the rail installation in the control cabinet. Source: ebm-papst
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