New Ecofit Constant Pressure And Constant Airflow Blowers

Rosenberg USA is expanding its offering of constant pressure and constant airflow blowers with new 180x180L EC double inlet models from Ecofit.  A new standard pressure/airflow model is also available. Constant pressure and constant airflow blowers automatically adjust to maintain optimum performance levels in changing conditions. The new forward-curved centrifugal blowers, designated the GDSV8 Series, are powered by 230-Volt (actually 200 to 277-Volt), 1-phase, 50/60 Hz EC motors. They run at speeds as high as 2255 RPM and generate a maximum airflow of more than 1000 CFM at free air. Speed control is possible through PWM, 0-10VDC, or a potentiometer. They are CE-approved and meet ErP 2015 efficiency requirements. Standard features include IP54 protection, a black-painted steel scroll housing, galvanized rotor and turbine, ball bearings, G2.5 balancing, Class F winding, and thermal protection. Finger guards are available as options. Constant pressure blowers maintain the same pressure at varying airflow conditions. This makes them ideal for applications in which the opening or closing of vents could significantly impact pressures within a system. Constant airflow models maintain the same airflow at varying pressure. In filtered applications, for example, the new blowers will detect changes in air flow resistance and increase or decrease fan speed to maintain the proper level of airflow performance. Read More

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