New Euro Cold's immersion chillers for cutting fluids

Date: 09 July 2018

Euro Cold has offered chillers ECI. ECI is the new Euro Cold series for cutting fluids. The immersion technology makes them extremely easy to fit and service.

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<h3>Main features</h3>
    <li>Available in seven power ratings for emulsions cooling up to 8% and oil cooling with viscosity grade up to 22 centistokes at +40°C.</li>
    <li>Agitator of the fluid applied on all models.</li>
    <li>High performance rotary vane or scroll compressors with low energy consumption.</li>
    <li>NEW!!! Fixed or differential set temperature control (standard supply of the kit ambient probe).</li>
    <li>Chiller malfunction signal display (optional in all single-phase models).</li>
    <li>Low-noise axial fans.</li>
    <li>Protective metal frame made of S235 steel painted with epoxy powder and with a semi-gloss textured effect.</li>
    <li>Eco-friendly refrigerant gas (HFC).</li>

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