New Freezers from Panasonic

New MDF-DU900V VIP -86°C Upright Freezer from Panasonic offers greater capacity for maximum sample storage under optimal, precise and stable conditions mdf-du900 Panasonic has introduced a new, ultra-low temperature, upright freezer that provides high capacity sample storage within an optimum footprint. Combined with industry-leading cooling performance and reliability, it offers an ideal long-term preservation solution. Panasonic’s MDF-DU900V VIP -86°C Upright Freezer (MDF-DU900V- PE) is the latest addition to its VIP ultra-low temperature freezer series, which is specifically designed to provide exceptional solutions for the preservation of laboratory samples. With high sample storage capacity, the new freezer is ideal for high volume and long term preservation of samples required in biobanks and biorepositories. High capacity sample storage With a volume of 845 litres, the MDF-DU900V- PE offers up to 40%* more 2”-box storage capacity within the same footprint, which means up to 672 2”-boxes can be stored within 1m2. The new model features Panasonic’s advanced VIP PLUS insulation panels, which optimise interior volume within the smallest footprint possible to ensure the most efficient use of space. VIP PLUS technology incorporates a revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces wall thickness by approximately one half. As well as saving space, it also contributes to overall energy efficiency of the freezer due to the low thermal conductivity of the insulation. Although it has an increased internal capacity, the freezer has a conventional depth, which allows for easy installation. Superior cooling Refrigeration components for the MDF-DU900V-PE have been carefully selected and matched for optimum and efficient operation under demanding laboratory conditions. They include Cool Safe® compressors, which are specifically designed by Panasonic for ultra-low temperature applications, with innovative refrigerant feedback processes to reduce compressor temperature. Combined with Panasonic’s proven cascade refrigeration system, the highest levels of performance and reliability can be achieved. Panasonic’s advanced refrigeration technology ensures that the MDF-DU900V-PE achieves exceptional temperature recovery after door openings and sample placement, stable internal temperatures and increased durability. The MDF-DU900V- PE also has two independent insulated inner doors for maximum temperature uniformity. Intelligent security Managed and monitored by an integrated microprocessor controller, the MDF-DU900V-PE has a comprehensive alarm system and self-diagnostic functions. In addition, the new EZlatch included in the model makes access to stored samples even easier. This easy-access door handle is engineered to cope with frequent door openings, simplify one-handed access, and control frost associated with large differences between internal and external temperatures. Easy data monitoring  Freezer temperature and other important status information for the MDF-DU900V-PE, such as door opening times and alarm history, are clearly displayed and logged, with the possibility to export data to USB. A colour LCD touch panel allows full user control, even with gloved hands. The USB port makes transferring data to a PC simple and convenient. Dependable preservation High quality design and manufacture ensure that Panasonic’s new MDF-DU900V VIP -86°C Upright Freezer offers a trusted and reliable storage option that can maintain the integrity of precious samples in the demanding laboratory environment and contribute to better efficiency.   Read More  

New MPR-715F Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

mpr-715 Providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit. Optimum Temperature Distribution Fan-forced air circulation system in the refrigerator offers better uniformity and fast recovery of temperature after routine door openings to minimise fluctuations. Secure storage at both freezing and refrigerated temperatures, within a minimal footprint, is an ideal solution for installation in smaller spaces. Excellent Stability A unique defrost system in the refrigerator operates only short cycles as required to prevent unnecessary temperature spikes. The freezer compartment is manually defrosted for the most stable temperature performance. Precise Control & Monitoring Microprocessor controller, combined with accurate sensors, maintain a precise temperatures within the refrigerator and freezer, while a comprehensive alarm system alerts of any temperature deviations. Multiple safety systems such as high/low temperature audible and visual alarms, remote alarm, door open alarm and keyed door locks. Optimized for Superior Usability Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer One unit with dual temperature control requires minimal installation space. Four-door design reduces air loss during door opening and makes efficient use of space in front of the unit. Panasonic Design Refrigeration systems within both compartments are specially designed for demanding scientific and laboratory storage. Compressors are application specific, components are carefully matched and systems are laid out to ensure high-performance cooling with ultimate reliability. Quiet Operation Two specially designed compressors offer quiet operation for installation in busy working environments without disruption.   Read More
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