New Frost-Trol Vertical Freezer Antarctic

Date: 23 June 2020
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Frost-trol launched its latest innovations and presented the Antarctic vertical freezer as a flexible and versatile solution thanks to its great adaptability to different models of islands.

The Antarctic vertical freezer stands out mainly for its great versatility to the client's spaces; Although it fits perfectly with many of our islands, it is designed so that it can adapt to any island or bunker that the client already has in its facilities and convert it thus into a fully equipped combi.

The Antarctic features triple Antifog Full Vision glass doors, Led lighting and electronic fans; And you can complete it with the Total Tactile Control. It can be found for both remote and built-in groups and is intended for freezing food.

This cabinet has several heights and is presented in three modulations: 2100, 2380 and 2500 in order to adapt to different models of islands.

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