New M2M Modem Solution from RDM

The M2M (machine to machine) Modem solution from Resource Data Management allows for the remote access to the functionality of our enterprise and energy management software solutions (ActiveFM, Live Maps, and Kwheb). In situations where site constraints or client limitations have made it difficult to connect to our software solutions, clients can now utilise the M2M Modem to connect a DMTouch or Intuitive TDB Controller (PR0650-TDB) to a private and secure RDM network over mobile telecommunications. The M2M’s function is to provide data to Resource Data Management software servers and allow remote connection via RDM enterprise software. It cannot be used to remotely connect to a device without an appropriate ActiveFM™ software package. Benefits of the RDM M2M Solution
  • Remote connectivity, no need for a hard wired connection
  • Secure VPN from M2M site to RDM negates the need for the customer to put in place a costly dedicated VPN on their side
  • Reduces unnecessary service visits
  • Helps speed up data access to aid first time fix
  • Offers an alternate for landline (ADSL) or client VPN
  • Makes RDM enterprise software, and energy management solutions more accessible (ActiveFM™, Live Maps, Kwheb and WebFM2)
How it works:


 Traditionally, a DMTouch or Intuitive TDB Controller is hard-wired to connect to an organisation’s internal network and can then supply data from its control and monitoring functionality to other devices and software on that network, and to Resource Data Management enterprise tools via a virtual private network.

 With the M2M Modem, site control devices like DMTouch or Intuitive TDB no longer require connection to the internal network/internet and can utilise mobile communications to join the internet VPN and then connect to Resource Data Management enterprise software tools.   

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