New Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor and Area Alarm Panel from TQ Environmental

TQ Environmental has launched a new refrigerant leak detection sensor and area alarm panel.

TQ31 Refrigerant Leak Detector

Stand alone, single point refrigerant detector and alarm unit ideal for room monitoring. The TQ31 is specifically designed to monitor for the build up of refrigerant gases typically used in air conditioning systems. Resistant to cross sensitivity from hairspray and deodorants so can be used in hotel or office applications. Designed as a single point, self-contained unit but can be connected to a TQ32 Area Alarm panel for remote monitoring and group alarms.


  • Different coloured face plates available including white & brushed aluminium
  • Monitors all refrigerant gases typically used in air conditioning systems.
  • Standalone sensor for room monitoring designed for flush mounting.
  • Simple Installation replaces electrical socket, 220/240v 50Hz mains supply.
  • Power and Alarm LED's plus internal sounder for local indication.
  • Alarm relay output can be used for remote switching of equipment or monitoring.
  • Long service life, no in service calibration.

TQ32 Area Alarm Panel

The TQ32 Area Alarm Panel combined with the TQ31 or TQ33 sensors, enables the group monitoring of individual rooms for common refrigerants used in air conditioning systems or CO2 build up. Designed for hotel or office use, a single alarm panel will typically monitor 1 or 2 floors depending on the number of sensor needed. The 3 digit LED display shows individual room numbers. Configurable alarm outputs can provide plant trip signals and alert the reception desk, via an optional TQ34 indicator panel or 3rd party alarm.


  • Allows the monitoring of standalone refrigerant room sensors for group alarms.
  • Up to 64 individual sensors inputs gives a wide area coverage.
  • Totally configurable for indication of individual room numbers.
  • Small size and 220/240v 50Hz mains supply for ease of installation.
  • Local visual and audible alarm indication with simple operator controls.
  • Output relays can be configured for specific groups to provider plant trip and security alarms.
  • Long service life, no in service maintenance.
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