New reversing valves RV series from Eliwell

The new RV series from 0.5 to 560 kW builds on the legacy of more than a hundred years' experience in Refrigeration and HVAC. A complete assortment, a wide power range and outstanding performances, supported by innovative services. In pure Eliwell and Schneider Electric customer-oriented style.

Reversing valves have always been one of Eliwell's focuses. The company, Schneider Electric Group core of technology for the HVAC-R sector, has decided to develop a new range of valves in response to new market scenarios, but above all to give them the high level of service intrinsic to all its products.

Special attention has been given to the needs of machine constructors, distributors and the after-market sector, which will benefit from a new series of products designed to deliver simplicity combined with exceptional quality.

The new RV valves are perfectly in line with the dimensional characteristics of the previous series and the market's demands. A very detailed set of technical documentation simplifies both selection and use. Correspondence tables, pressure drop tables, tables of maximum and minimum capacity with the different gases, a full set of technical data and instruction sheets, and 3d drawings for use by constructors, greatly simplifying their task when designing new machines and drafting the relative technical documentation.

Particular importance was given to the MOP (Maximum Operating Pressure), with ratings up to 680 psi (4.69 MPa) for the entire range up to the RV60 model, allowing the same thermal power values to be achieved with smaller (and thus more economical) values, or higher thermal power with the same valve, by operating at a higher pressure.

Valve models - from RV00 to RV10 - are compatible with R290 refrigerant and withstand discharged gas temperatures of up to 135°C, meaning that they are also compatible with the new refrigerants requiring these characteristics.

A complete range of coils is available: 12 Vdc, 24 Vac/dc, 110 Vac and 230 Vac, with or without integral cable, and each voltage is identified by a different colour, to simplify both the choice of the right model and recognition of the power supply type.

Great care was taken over the new packaging, to benefit specialist distributors, in particular.
The valve is individually packed with an instruction sheet, facilitating sale of single pieces. It is then placed in a grouping box designed to take even the minimum purchase batches, sometimes halved compared to those of the previous offering.

Valves are also delivered inside plastic bags for optimal protection against dust and particles which could impair their operation. The plastic packaging of the coils also contains the fixing screws.

Maintenance is also simplified by carefully developed codes allowing immediate identification of the ideal replacement valve for those already installed.

The new Eliwell RV reversing valves have a much wider field of application;
they are particularly effective in conventional heat pump HVAC systems (residential, commercial and industrial) and geothermal heat pump systems.

RV valves are UL and VDE approved and PED/EC classified.

The supporting services for this new range are constantly evolving and will make Eliwell's offering and solutions even more interesting, in terms of both technology and operation.
The Eliwell technical service is also ready to assist customers with its usual expertise and helpful approach.
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