New SBS-HP SERIES by Hitema

Date: 25 July 2018
SBS-HP SERIES consists of a reversible air-cooled heat pump designed to assicurate an high performance also in case of low ambient temperature, down to -20°C. These units are designed for applications that require reliability, continuity of operation, high performance, reduced management costs and carbon dioxide emissions. This series is composed by different basic moduls that can by hydraulically an electrically compose to satisfy all final user demands, this simplify maintenance/repair operations (only in the damaged module) and the already built installation can be increased in capacity in case of modification of the energy demand. In the event of any malfunction, each module can be easily isolated from the others, which can continue to operate while the faulty module is repaired, in this manner costly production downtime can be avoided. High reliability is achieved also thanks to condenser coils with copper tubes and aluminium fins, which ensure long chiller life. All the models are equipped with vapour injection scroll compressor in order to guarantee high water temperature production also in case of low ambient temperature, refrigerant R410A, air evaporator with increased fin space to reduce frost formation, electronic expansion valve to increase the efficiency expecially during partial load working mode, brazed plate as a condenser. Low noise version and super low noise version available to reduce noise emissions. The degree of electrical protection is IP54 for all the models. All the units are carefully tested at the Hitema production site before the shipment to ensure to the Customers the best performances, reliability and continuity of operation. It is recommended to install a suitable filter on the unit water inlet side.
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