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CurtAir, the innovative new technology by CoolKit, provides a number of distinct advantages over traditional PVC strip curtains. In this week’s blog we’re going to be exploring these in more detail, covering exactly what it offers to any sector that regularly makes use of fridge or freezer vehicles.

The main advantages of CurtAir are

  1. Its enhanced effectiveness.
  2. Its payload saving (leading to better fuel economy).
  3. It eases pressure from the cooling unit.
  4. It’s easy to install, and suitable for a wide range of vans.
  5. Its quiet and efficient.

 curtair example 1

After months of hard work, our in-house engineers here at CoolKit produced CurtAir, designed as a compact, effective and invisible curtain suitable for transport refrigeration in a wide range of industries. It’s highly effective at containing warm or cold air within the load space, at the same time insulating it against and outside heat. Right off the bat, it removes the need for drivers or engineers to have to deal with PVC strip curtains, which can sometimes get in the way. Instead, drivers will find loading and unloading their refrigerated vans and other chiller vehicles easier than ever. CurtAir even surpasses the capabilities of PVC strip curtains in other areas; for example, while PVC strip curtains are reasonably useful for excluding these from the loading space, tests have proven CurtAir to be a consistently successful barrier against smoke, dust and exhaust gases. CurtAir also reduces the rate of heat creeping into the load space, so the refrigeration unit itself is less vulnerable to changes in temperature. This ultimately results in an increased operational efficiency and reduced running costs, as the unit doesn’t expend as much energy restoring the optimal cooling temperature after each time the door is opened.

 curtair example 2

The CurtAir solution has been specifically designed to be lightweight, with a 7kg saving in weight over traditional PVC strip curtains. This results in a direct fuel saving, making chiller vans with this solution more economical to run over longer periods. Every little helps! What’s more, CurtAir’s flexible dimensions and click-to-mount fitting means it’s easy to install on a range of refrigerated vans makes and models. Whether you’ve purchased a new or used fridge van, or taken advantage of one of our in-house conversions, you can benefit from everything CurtAir has to offer. Finally, CurtAir has been PIEK certified. PIEK is a standard originally set by the Dutch government, but has now been adopted internationally. It dictates the acceptable peak noise levels for loading and unloading; CurtAir operates under 60dB, making it suitable for nighttime deliveries. Essentially, this means that you don’t have to worry about any loud buzzing or whirring with the CurtAir in operation – it’s as discreet as it is effective. Source: CoolKit
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