New valve plate for Frascold's screw compressors NR6 series

Date: 18 July 2018
The NR6 screw compressors will be delivered with a new valve plate for solenoid valves capacity regulation. This upgrade will assure more reliability and safety and the external capillary tube is no more necessary. Construction features The valve plate has a new oil circuiting that allows to eliminate the external copper capillary tube; the gasket has been changed accordingly. This upgrade will assure more reliability and safety. The two solenoid valves V2 and V3 for adjusting the capacity to 50% and 75% are new models with square fixing flange and new 12W coils. The NR6 compressors fitting the new plate will have also a new purchasing code which will include the letter “A” as follows: New code = CWNRLA160538-3Y Old code = CWNRL160538-3Y

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