New valve plate for Frascold's screw compressors NR6 series

Date: 18 July 2018

The NR6 screw compressors will be delivered with a new valve plate for solenoid valves capacity regulation. This upgrade will assure more reliability and safety and the external capillary tube is no more necessary.

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<strong>Construction features</strong>
The valve plate has a new oil circuiting that allows to eliminate the external copper capillary tube; the gasket has been changed accordingly. This upgrade will assure more reliability and safety. The two solenoid valves V2 and V3 for adjusting the capacity to 50% and 75% are new models with square fixing flange and new 12W coils.

The NR6 compressors fitting the new plate will have also a new purchasing code which will include the letter “A” as follows:
New code = CWNRL<strong>A</strong>160538-3Y
Old code = CWNRL160538-3Y

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