New Water-Cooled Refrigeration Series EWWD-VZ From Daikin

With the water-cooled EWWD-VZ series, DAIKIN is launching a new generation of cold water sets on the market. The series is distinguished by its compact design and high ESEER values. These energy efficiency values ​​are up to 8.3 in partial load operation. This means that cold water is one of the most energy efficient in its class. The energy savings reduce energy consumption, operating costs and CO2 emissions by up to 25 percent. The demand for highly efficient cold water sets increases. The new chiller generation EWWD-VZ from DAIKIN is unique in the market with the highest seasonal efficiency values ​​and technical characteristics such as an inverter-controlled screw compressor and a flooded heat exchanger. DAIKIN is therefore consistently pursuing its goal of offering innovative products to planners and end users who already meet today's legal requirements. Up to 15% more efficiency The new EWWD-VZ series achieves energy efficiency values ​​from ESEER up to 8.3 in partial load operation and EER up to 5.7 in full load operation. As cold water generators usually run 97 percent of the time in partial load operation, the high efficiency values ​​in this area significantly reduce energy consumption. The devices are thus up to 15 percent more efficient than other systems on the market. At the same time, the EWWD-VZ series of appliances enables high cooling performance and a reduced power consumption thanks to its compact design and new design. Economical efficiency at a new level: screw compressor with inverter control The heart of the equipment series is a new monoscoil compressor with inverter technology and a control for the variable volume ratio. In the DAIKIN EWWD-VZ, the inverter-controlled screw compressor ensures a stepless performance control, which is optimized especially for high speeds and a high refrigerant flow. In addition, a highly efficient, flooded heat exchanger is used, with a 60% better heat transfer compared to previous cold water replacement series. All versions of the EWWD-VZ series are operated with refrigerant R-134A and achieve a cooling capacity of 1,200 to 2,100 kW with two compressors, models with single compressor cover a cooling capacity of 450 to 1,100 kW. The units of the VZ series can be retrofitted as required for refrigerants with lower GWP. Inverter screw compressors achieve their highest efficiency in partial load operation and therefore consume only as much energy as is actually required. As a result, these compressors operate extremely efficiently, reduce operating costs by up to 25 percent compared to non-inverter-compliant compressors and achieve a return on investment in less than two years from start-up. Compact design for flexible applications The installation area is reduced by 40 percent compared to other water-cooled cold water sets. This is mainly due to a new "single-pass" countercurrent condenser and a new integrated oil separator technology. Due to the compact design and optimized cables, the device requires only a small footprint and can also be installed in narrow passages, for example. The new cold water sets are suitable for a large operating range. They can not only cool, but can also be used as a heat pump to generate hot water up to 65 ° C. Modern compressor technology with an inverter also has a variable volume ratio (VVR). For especially noise-sensitive environments, the cold water sets are also available with soundproofing. This means that the sound pressure level is 81 dB (A) in the full load range and 66 dB (A) in the partial load range, measured at a distance of one meter. Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance DAIKIN cold water sets are supplied pre-assembled, the control and control elements are tested at the factory. Irrespective of the scope of the installation and the cooling capacity, a quick and user-friendly start-up is possible. Via the "DAIKIN on site" platform remote monitoring is possible via LAN or GSM modem. System optimizations or preventive maintenance can also be carried out from afar. All cold water sets are Eurovent certified. Environmental Compatibility - Green Building Design By 2050 emissions in the EU are to be reduced by 80 percent compared to the 1990 level. This is clear from the roadmap for the transition to a low-carbon economy in the EU. Further regulations such as the F-Gas regulation also call for a reduction in direct emissions. Since about 50 percent of the energy consumption in buildings is attributable to HVAC, the importance of environmentally compatible and energy-efficient technologies is increasing in this area. With solutions such as the EWWD-VZ series from DAIKIN, the environmental balance of a building can be significantly increased. A further advantage, because with environmentally compatible technologies and at the same time low operating costs, building certifications such as BREEAM or LEED can be decisively improved. The building thus experiences an increase in value, which is particularly beneficial for builders and tenants. The new, water-cooled cold water replacement series EWWD-VZ from DAIKIN convinces with ESEER values ​​in the partial load operation of up to 8.3 and thus a particularly high operational efficiency.   Read More
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