NexusPremier Rooftop Units 25–50 tons from Johnson Control

Date: 30 October 2018
The 25–50 ton packaged rooftop platform is designed with all the flexibility needed for today’s applications but with tomorrow’s requirements in mind. Realizing that efficiency requirements are continuously pushing the envelope of technology, the NexusPremier delivers today the energy efficiency levels exceeding those mandated by the U.S. Department of Energy for 2023. All cooling only and electric heat units have an integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) in excess of 13.2. All units with gas or hydronic heat have an IEER in excess of 13. For these particular rooftop units, when equipped with a variable speed drive compressor, they deliver efficiency levels in excess of those suggested by the highest tier of the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) for 2019.

The NexusPremier is also designed for serviceability. With small details—such as a maintenance safety tie-off on the roof of the condenser section that complies with OSHA requirements, along with a single handle latching mechanism for doors—the unit was designed for easy service.
Options to make the unit serviceable include a convenience outlet to power lights and tools; internal lights in the air handler section; viewports in doors of serviceable compartments to enable easier unit inspection; and extended grease lines to simplify fan bearing lubrication for belt-driven fans.
Standard direct drive supply fan do not require lubricating fan bearings or changing belts. Numerous refrigeration options are also available, including replaceable core filter driers, liquid and suction isolation valves, as well as high and low pressure transducers in each circuit that enable easier sub-cooling and superheat measurements.
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