Northern Europe gets even greener with CAREL


In recent weeks, norther Europe has been the centre of attention regarding new CO<sub>2</sub> systems installed in Finland and Iceland. In the latter case, CAREL Nordic helped develop the first fully CO<sub>2</sub> supermarket with CAREL solutions: included in the installation are pRack300T and MPXPro control systems, leak detectors and a PlantVisorPRO supervisor, all serving 3 compressor racks, 11 cold rooms (2 low temperature), and 22 medium and low temperature cabinets.

In Finland, on the other hand, CAREL Nordic worked alongside EPTA Finland in the installation of a S-market Tikkula that is a supermarket in Pori. The work entailed retrofitting the entire store with a new refrigeration system. The old system, operating on R404A, was replaced with a new one that uses CO<sub>2</sub>, a natural refrigerant.
All the cabinets and cold rooms were redesigned and rebuilt using new CO<sub>2</sub> systems.
The installation comprises 19 room evaporators, 55 case evaporators and medium and low temperature cabinets. All managed by the MPXPro control system.

“This is a very intense period in northern Europe: new international rules are leading to the replacement of old refrigerants”, commented Michael Aarup, Technical Sales Manager at CAREL Nordic. “CAREL’s solutions designed for natural refrigerants are proving very successful, and have been recognised for their efficiency and reliability”.

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