Onda has developed a new innovative evaporator


Onda has recently developed a new innovative evaporator to respond to an increasing efficiency market demand and a reduced refrigerant charge to balance the continuous refrigerants cost and taxes increase.

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The “Hybrid Film“ evaporator combines the benefits of the pool boiling reliable performance and the falling film evaporator low refrigerant charge.

The concept of this innovative heat exchanger has been developed by R&D and validated in Onda’s laboratory with turbo (no oil) and screw compressor (with oil).

The core design belongs to Onda’s IPR and it is patent pending.

The Hybrid Film evaporator new distribution system allows to keep control of the refrigerant liquid around the tubes in all the different working conditions, at full load and at part load as well.

The amount of refrigerant liquid surroundings the tube is also optimized and reduced.

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Part load: when moving температурой подход, с положительным воздействием на охладитель IPLV.

Similar performance is also expected with HFO R1234ze. Refrigerant charge reduction : the charge saving vs flooded is in a range of 35 – 40%.

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