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Introducing the new company on the refrigeration market in Russia. "Profholodsistems" - is a young company, but immediately established itself as a serious player in the Russian refrigeration market. How is it possible so fast and powerful start? The fact that the company "Profholodsistems" did not come out of nowhere. Our company is organized for distribution of refrigeration equipment two major manufacturers: Chinese concern Moon Group and Russian factory "Grand Prix." Each enterprise is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in its market, primarily for industrial use. "Grand" - a company with more than 20 years of history and is well known in the Russian market, and that is the Moon Group? This is a Chinese industrial group, which produces a wide range of equipment in the field of HVAC. One of the divisions of the group - the company Yantai Moon specializes in the manufacture of refrigeration and freezing equipment. The company was founded in 1956. Its modern history of the plant is from 1994, when he received the current name Yantai Moon and quality certificate ISO9001. At present the company owns Yantai Moon several factories, which produced both refrigeration components and finished products: screw and reciprocating compressors, refrigeration station based on them, chillers, pressure vessels, varied freezing equipment. Division Yantai Moon Heat Exchange Technology Co, Ltd and Yantai Cabero Heat Exchanger produce a wide range of heat transfer equipment, including coolers and condensers. Really large range of products, but as the situation with the quality of products? It is no secret that we have a bias against products from China. Yantai Moon equipment meets the highest international standards. Products factory assigned certificates ISO9001, ISO14001, ASME, NBmark, CCS, CRAA and equipment currently being exported to more than 70 countries. All who come to the plant, leaving impressed. Hit the scale and corporate culture. And the most modern equipment and surprising professional jealousy. In the past few years in the modernization of production was invested 900 million U.S. dollars. On what conditions your work with Chinese partners? The company "Profholodsistems" is the general distributor of concern Moon Group in Russia and CIS countries. However, we do not just offer the products by customer orders, and complete study of the project with direct technical support from the manufacturer. Concern Moon Group owns 25 patents for inventions and 35 industrial patents. Yantai Moon specialists have extensive experience in designing and assembling objects. For example, the company has equipped air conditioning systems such large-scale facilities like Beijing stadium "Swallow's Nest", Exhibition Center Shanghai Expo Museum of Terracotta Army. And what a part interest in the products "Grand"? Why is your company became the general distributor? Company "Grand" has a strong position in the market of industrial refrigeration equipment. Has its own manufacture a large range of quick-freezing and heat transfer equipment, including tunneling, tiled and flyudizatsionnye freezers. Production of the plant is known and successfully operated throughout the country from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Equipment "Grand" is appreciated for the quality and wide range. It is a known brand in the market, and stable quality for over 20 years. Enterprise for a long time was needed "fresh" blood, new ideas for further development. Negotiations led us to the decision to develop further together, pooling efforts. What your company can offer customers as a general distributor of two major manufacturers? The most important - is the best solution to the problem client, both in price and in quality. On offer our partners a huge selection of equipment for storing and freezing products, and air conditioning systems, including transport. We are ready to provide customer experience in the design, manufacture and installation of refrigeration equipment two leading companies.

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