Panasonic has introduced advanced updates to its domestic RAC TZ range

Date: 30 April 2020
Panasonic has introduced advanced updates to its domestic RAC TZ range

Panasonic has introduced advanced updates to its domestic RAC TZ range. The new Wall-Mounted TZ has been designed with a smaller and more elegant chassis, whilst still maintaining impressive power and efficiency as well as utilising R32 refrigerant to fully satisfy the demand for reliable solutions with reduced environmental impact.

Specially designed compact size
Undergoing major improvements, Panasonic has focused on creating a compact heating and cooling indoor unit that is only 779mm in width – small enough to be placed above a door, making it the ideal solution for limited spaces in any home. This width applies to systems up to 5kW.

Advanced smart control
Panasonic is known for being innovative, this includes being one of the first to include built-in WLAN into all wall-type units for multi-split compatibility and the TZ Super-Compact is no exception. Once connected to the internet the unit can be controlled whenever and wherever via smartphone with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app, ideal for residents to remotely control their air conditioners.
Moreover, thanks to Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud, indoor units can be connected to several leading Voice Assistants in the market to provide simple and convenient control - homeowners who are used to controlling their lighting and audio with their voice can now also set preferences for their Wall-Mounted TZ air conditioner’s to create the desired environment.
Enhanced improvements for end users
Not only designed to benefit installers, the heating and cooling system also has enhanced improvements for end users. Panasonic has installed a filter that catches harmful particulate matter (PM2.5) often found suspended in the air – including dust, hazardous pollutants, pollen, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets. The filter catches and reduces particles, helping maintain the air quality of the room.

Panasonic has also succeeded in creating an extremely quiet HVAC solution. The inverter air conditioner’s indoor operating noise has been reduced - the inverter constantly varies its output power to enable more precise temperature control at just 20dB(A) , allowing for a peaceful, comfortable night’s sleep.

The Wall-Mounted TZ features Panasonic’s Aerowings; two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool a room down in the shortest time possible and which help distribute the air throughout the room evenly for the ultimate in comfort. The two Aerowing blades allow for more control over the direction of airflow for optimum comfort.

NEW Wireless Control
With fast access to key operations and a smooth gliding cover revealing more options, the wireless backlit Sky Controller allows for simple and intuitive control. Users can experience innovative design at their fingertips with the stylish and sleek controller that has an improved larger screen and a more user-friendly interface, ensuring most common functions are easy to reach.

Fitting comfortably in user’s hands, the controller brings many additional benefits to the air conditioner. Thanks to the new backlit screen feature, user’s no longer need lighting switched on to adjust settings, and the smooth sliding cover also ensures the buttons are kept free from dirt and smudges.

Redesigned for easy installation and maintenance
Due to advanced developments, installation time has been dramatically decreased. The TZ air conditioner is light in weight and small in size, so that it only takes one person to install. The unit also has a reinforced installation plate that provides more stability and strength to ensure a neat and simple installation. There is also a clear view and convenient access to the drain hose and cabling inserts and an extra 13mm has been achieved for piping so installers can now ensure pipes and insulation are securely and neatly fitted.

Carefully designed with installers in mind, the unit features an easy-to-remove front grille for straightforward access to the interior. The inner workings have also been restructured to simplify maintenance, with electronics and wiring components now on just one side of the unit.

New TZ models range:
Indoor units for single split and multi split: CS-TZ20/25/35/42/50/60/71WKEW
Indoor units for multi split only: CU-MTZ16WKE
Outdoor units for single split: CU-TZ20/25/35/42/50/60/71WKE

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