Panasonic has launched the Aquarea High Performance J Generation Bi-Bloc

Date: 29 April 2020
Panasonic has launched the Aquarea High Performance J Generation Bi-Bloc

Panasonic has launched the Aquarea High Performance J Generation Bi-Bloc, an advanced heating and cooling solution, ideal for new installations, refurbishments, and low energy homes. Producing outstanding results, the heat pump can reach the highest possible energy rating of A+++ in heating.

In furthering its contribution to the ‘decarbonisation of society’, Panasonic continues to develop the Aquarea range of highly efficient air source heat pumps. The smart choice for heating and cooling, Aquarea High Performance J Generation Bi-Bloc is the latest addition to the range. Utilising air-to-water heat pump technology and R32 refrigerant, it is a highly efficient and more environmentally friendly solution compared to R410A refrigerant. By converting heat energy in the air into household warmth, the highly efficient Aquarea technology helps to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact compared to conventional boilers and electric heaters.

Thanks to its reliable Panasonic Inverter Compressors, the heat pump adapts its operation to the demand of the house. Even in adverse weather conditions as low as -20°C, the Aquarea unit warms your home effectively and efficiently. Not only does it provide heating throughout the cold months, it is also able to cool your home in summer for year-round comfort.

The J Series also includes quieter outdoor units compared to previous models. This helps to reduce noise outside of the property, which is particularly noticeable in quiet, rural areas.

For even higher energy savings, the unit can be combined with high efficiency hot water tanks, such as the anode-free “A” Stainless Steel Tank in 192-litre and 280-litre capacities. Each tank reduces energy loss thanks to its high levels of insulation, resulting in the most efficient solution.

The already eco-friendly Aquarea J Generation range can synchronise with solar panels for an even greener solution. With this optional interface, Aquarea can optimise the use of energy in the most efficient way and balance the heat pump’s consumption and in-house comfort based on the outside temperature - perfect for those who are concerned about their environmental impact while looking for a cost-effective solution.

Providing a simple yet sophisticated control solution, Aquarea J Generation is also compatible with the Aquarea Smart Cloud, a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption. It is also available with Service Cloud for installer maintenance, allowing remote care of customer’s heating system, saving time, money, and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

For the ultimate time-saving convenience, Aquarea works in harmony with IFTTT, the advanced technology which stands for the simple process of ‘If This, Then That’. It enables simple instructions like turning on and off, to more complicated instructions such as sending emails or error notifications. Other elements of the smart home can also be incorporated, such as a pre-programmed mode can be instructed that changes temperature and turns on lights in response to climate changes outside.

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