Panasonic Launches High Efficiency R32 Floor Console for Residential Applications

Date: 20 June 2018
The new Panasonic floor console for residential applications boasts a stylish design and a high efficiency A++ rating, making it an ideal alternative to traditional radiators. The new floor console, part of Panasonic’s UFE range, allows homeowners to heat their home during the winter and cool it in the summer. Available in pure white, its compact design means the floor console fits easily into most living spaces or bedrooms. Its narrow depth allows for easy installation (600H x 750W x 207D mm). The unit can be mounted directly on the floor or fixed under a window. With four capacities available, the range adapts to the demands of any room: 2.5kW (CS-Z25UFEAW), 3.5kW (CS-Z35UFEAW) and 5kW (CS-Z50UFEAW) for Multi and Single Split, and a 2kW unit (CS-MZ20UFEA) for Multi-Split only. Its attractive aesthetic and easy-to-use infrared remote controller helps the floor console system blend seamlessly with any home interior design scheme. Exceptional indoor comfort The new floor console features both upwards and downwards airflow from the unit to allow a consistent supply of air to the room. In heating mode, it diffuses the airflow down and in cooling mode, it diffuses fresh air upwards. The sound level of the console has been designed to ensure a calm environment with a super quiet operation of 20 dB(A) in low speed (whispering sound level). Air purification is also enhanced thanks to Panasonic’s new nanoe X system for fresher, healthier air. Based on ionisation technology, it can work simultaneously in heating or cooling operation to remove pollen, pollution, fungi and even cigarette smoke from the air. It also reduces odours in the room and includes an internal dehumidifier to limit the propagation of mold and bacteria. Nanoe X technology also helps to control allergens, bacteria and viruses. It is a cost-effective way of improving air hygiene by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens. High performance A++ / A++ The integration of R32 refrigerant allows the new floor console to operate with high efficiency levels compared to R410A solutions. Its performance is ranked with a class A ++ in heating mode and A ++ in cooling mode. The floor console operates in heating mode down to -15°C, and in cooling mode up to + 43°C. Moreover, the use of R32 allows it to have significantly lower environmental impact due to R32’s GWP (Global Warming Potential) being approximately three times lower than R410A refrigerant. Internet control Homeowners, end users or small business owners can now use the new Panasonic controller (optional extra) or download the “Panasonic AC Controller” app, to remotely control up to 10 different sites, with 20 indoor units per site. This control is accessible from a smartphone or tablet, anywhere and anytime. This setting allows the user to optimise thermal comfort, control energy consumption and operate the specific functionalities of each unit. Available on both iOS and Android, the app is easy to use, just register, log in and follow the simple instructions to get started. The WIFI service is available from May 2018.
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