Panasonic’s nanoe X Technology Delivers Fresh and Clean Air

• nanoe X integrated with commercial air conditioning system • Air purification upgraded for bigger commercial applications • Ensures maximum comfort for commercial applications

Panasonic’s nanoe technology has been upgraded to provide enhanced air purification for an even healthier, cleaner environment, making it ideal for many applications including hospitals, schools and hotels. Recent research from the World Health Organisation has found indoor air pollution, such as tobacco smoke, occupational dust and fumes, to be a risk factor of respiratory diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease*. nanoe X

technology is currently available with Panasonic’s new R32 Floor Console and MU2/PU2 90x90 indoor cassette units compatible with VRF, PACi and GHP heating and cooling solutions.

New nanoe X technology helps to control allergens, bacteria and viruses, not only in homes, but also in commercial environments. nanoe X is a cost-effective way of improving air hygiene by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens.

In the hospitality industry, such as hotels and restaurants, often the most obvious cause of concern, for staff and guests, is unpleasant odours caused by cleaning agents, cigarette smoke and kitchens. Air quality can also be impacted by renovation work and the presence of mould within ductwork and behind walls. nanoe X technology can manage these factors by reducing odours and harmful mould pathogens within the air, for a consistently pleasant environment.

Panasonics nanoe X, which is ten times more powerful than its predecessor nanoe, works by generating hydroxyl radicals (OH) for healthier air. The effectiveness of virus/bacteria removal has been drastically improved due to a wider OH production area which can now generate 4,800 billion, per second. OH oxidises chemicals and bacteria in the atmosphere, effectively removing them from the air making it safer to breathe. A higher concentration of OH radicals means that there is an even greater reduction in pollutants, for a cleaner environment.

The nanoe X technology can work simultaneously with heating or cooling operation to remove pollen, pollution, fungi and even cigarette smoke from the air. It also reduces odours in the room and includes an internal dehumidifier to limit the propagation of mould and bacteria. nanoe X is currently available as part of Panasonic’s new MU2/PU2 90x90 indoor cassette units and will be rolled out across all Panasonic air-conditioning solutions in due course.
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