Panasonic starts selling condensing unit at CO2 in Europe

Panasonic Corporation has developed a new 7.3 kW condensing unit (equivalent to 10 horsepower) 2 specifications (standard / heavy duty tolerance specification) for new small-sized stores. Start receiving orders in Europe from April. In Europe of the environmentally advanced region, CO2 boosters with large power concentrating type (rack systems) are widely used in large stores, but in recent years, CO2 small output concentration in small stores such as convenience stores, small supermarkets, and gas station stations The introduction of type equipment began, and non-CFC conversion of distribution stores is accelerating. Last summer we launched orders for prefabricated condensing unit  at small stores, launching orders for the European market by launching models that use 1.6 kW (2 horsepower) non-CFC refrigerant with CO2 refrigerant. By introducing a new model of 7.3 kW, we can expand the range of offering non-CFC condensing unit  to small shops that operate multiple refrigerated showcases. For the first time in our Japanese market, we developed refrigerator systems for showcases for supermarkets that adopted natural refrigerant CO2 refrigerant, and began selling in September 2010. By the end of March 2018, we plan to deliver about 8,500 non-CFC condensign unit to about 3,100 stores including convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan. The new product is equipped with our proprietary CO2 two-stage compressor and a refrigerant circuit which have earned the trust in Japan for many years, realizing a high COP refrigeration cycle. In addition, we installed a technology to control the conveying pressure, realizing compactness and light weight. While taking full advantage of the abundant know-how cultivated in Japan, we are complying with various regulations and safety standards required in Europe. In Europe, the HFC regulatory phase-in approach started from 2015 by F gas regulation, and in MOP 28 (Montreal Protocol 28th Conference of the Parties to the Convention) held in Rwanda · Kigali in 2016, in advanced countries it is expected to be completed by 2036 It was agreed to gradually reduce HFC to 85% of the base year (2011 - 13 years). The development of domestic law and HFC reduction activities not only in Europe but also in various countries around the world are aggressively promoting agreement. In order to prevent global warming and to realize environmentally conscious stores, we will continue to aggressively promote the development of equipment compatible with CO2 refrigerants.
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