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Having been in Italy, you'll find that Italians live by the rules and abide by them: no one will go to the lane of special vehicles, not Park on the space for the disabled. This also applies to their work, to which they belong with a 100% liability, patriotism, and work to strict regulatory requirements. This is a child laid in their minds. Each of them - professional of the business on his small plot. But in general - is a clear, coherent mechanism, not giving failures and marriage. 100% quality control RIVACOLD. Each production line for the production of refrigeration units, there is a checkpoint, which verified the correct operation of each unit. The output is a 100% worker-tested product. Staff awareness of the responsibility of the plant eliminates workmanship. The equipment is certified to the highest standards. Independence. The factory has all the necessary equipment to produce their own parts of which are assembled units. Large stocks of industrial raw materials such as copper pipes and metal, compressors, electrical and others. Allow to cope with any orders as soon as possible. Warehouse in Moscow. Over 5 years, the company YASO, the official distributor of plant RIVACOLD, has its own warehouse in Moscow, which currently has more than 300 pieces of candy bars and split systems Wall and ceiling mounting for low and medium temperatures. Shipping. Having your own transport allows to execute orders. Technology helpdesk. For customers running the service, carrying out telephone consultations to the correct selection of equipment, installation and operation issues. Benefits RIVACOLD: - Coverage of a wide range of temperatures and volumes of cold rooms; - Easy installation and operation; - The place of installation - both vertical and horizontal surfaces; - Steel casings evaporator and condenser units, in contrast to the producers are made from plastic; - Units charged with refrigerant and ready for operation; - Less noise compared to some third-party manufacturers; - The possibility to operate at low ambient temperatures; - Programmable automatic with convenient control panel; - Stylish appearance.
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