RDM announced a major software launch for DMTouch

Date: 23 March 2020
RDM announced a major software launch for DMTouch

Resource Data Management (RDM), announced a major software launch for DMTouch, the market-leading control and monitoring system head-end.

Delivering over 130 new features, powerful enhancements and changes, coupled with the ability to communicate across open protocols, software version 3.1.0 strengthens the market position of the DMTouch, which already has the unique feature of a 10.1’’ touch-screen. Boasting the highest number of new features in a single software release to date, the new software includes compatibility with RDM’s soon-to-be-released Bluetooth Mesh technology.

A large proportion of the new features enhance the overall user experience, making it even faster and slicker for users to access data and manage HVAC, refrigeration and lighting devices, across their building or site. Providing more data at a glance, the new multi-view home page, custom mimics and additional graph display options make it easier to digest and interpret device operating data. Users will benefit from a faster set-up time, streamlined navigation and a more detailed display of data. As a time-saving measure, additional auto-populating of data, mimics and disciplines has also been added.

Mimics and layouts can be directly configured with selected Intuitive devices - HVAC and BMS controllers with built-in PLC software. The new software also allows DMTouch to monitor up to six sources of consumables and display data in an easy-to-interpret format. Either energy, gas or water usage can be monitored, with savings or overspending calculated and detailed consumption analyses available.

The new Bluetooth compatibility will allow RDM’s soon-to-be-released Bluetooth Mesh product range of probes, monitors and controllers to communicate directly with the DMTouch - without the need to run wires to the central control and monitoring device, or system head-end.

Important new features include:

  • Timed Parameters
  • Amend Device Names & Aliases
  • Inherit Layout and Mimics from TDB
  • Recovery Mode
  • Added Features for Watch/Multi-Watch Graphs
  • Device List Pop-Up Graphs
  • Enhanced TPI Graphs
  • Unlock Locked User
  • Added Support for HTTPS Alarms
  • Secure Logging Via Web-Interface
  • Local Access User Restriction
  • New Web Services Features
  • Control Protocol Compatibility
  • Notepad Feature
  • Single Phase Energy Meter Compatibility
  • Enhanced System Log
  • Simplified Multi-Watch Setup
  • Backlit Off Time
DMTouch software v3.1.0 is available for remote and self-install and will ship in all new hardware from 11th March 2020.
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