RDM: New V3.0 Software Now Available for DMTouch

Date: 11 March 2019
RDM: New V3.0 Software Now Available for DMTouch

The RDM team have today announced a major software update for DMTouch. The newly released software v3.0 includes an entirely new user interface (UI). There are also many new features that will make it faster and more efficient for users to view, manage and control their data. Installation and maintenance personnel, and those responsible for overseeing compliance, energy and control within buildings, will benefit from the advantages, respective to their day-to-day roles.

DMTouch v3.0: Streamlined Navigation

Retaining a similar navigation structure to the previous software, the clear, consistent navigation focuses the user’s attention, helping reach their end objective quickly. The UX features make it much faster and simpler to view and manage their data, designed to enable users to make intended actions efficiently and effectively.

DMTouch v3.0: Digital Signature

A significant new feature, particularly beneficial for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is the option to assign an RDM digital signature to exported data. This guarantees the integrity of data, as it cannot be corrupted by user interference as digital signatures are removed upon user edit.

DMTouch v3.0: Start-Up Wizard

On powering up, users are presented with a start-up wizard, enabling them to select between a light and dark theme, opt for a Refrigeration or HVAC/BMS or discipline and have the ability to choose the operating time zone and panel language.

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