Refrigerated cabinet Arneg with technology Air System


Arneg Air System consists of a special circulation of air inside the refrigerated compartment which, using dynamic air blades, is able to optimize energy efficiency.

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This revolutionary technology provides many benefits:

♦ Total TEC energy consumption, compared to the equivalent standard model, is reduced by up to 37%.
♦ Energy efficiency (TEC/TDA) increases by 37% compared to the standard version.
♦ The minimum evaporation temperature (M0 class) is 0°C. The cabinets always work with defrosted evaporators.
♦ The products do not undergo any fluctuation in temperature because no defrosting is required.
♦ All goods are stored within a range of temperatures that never exceed 2°C for any operating condition (M0, M1, M2).

Arneg Air System can be applied to refrigerated cabinets with both built-in and remote unit.

Watch video about Arneg Air System:

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