Refrigeration equipment "Agregat"

The company "Agregat" - one of the leaders of the Russian market in the production of different models of refrigeration units and stations for various applications. The company "Agregat" for today - a modern high-tech enterprise, located in the Moscow Region Railway. Company "Agregat" produces high-quality modern cooling system certified to GOST R Before many refrigeration engineering companies often raises the question: to collect their own refrigeration units or ready to buy as factory product? Let's consider the distinctive features of both. Dignity of self-assembly units: - High flexibility in determining the dimensions and configuration of the installation; - Choose the price category of nodes and elements of the unit; - Low dependence on external factors (ability to quickly search analogues used components in their absence in the warehouse or delays in deliveries, etc.) Weaknesses in the self-assembly units: - Additional costs of time and resources, which include the development of the unit by highly paid engineers and technical workers, search and purchase of spare parts and consumables, processing and transmission in production and warehouse staff directly assembly work performed by mounting the department; - Relatively long-term manufacturing unit; - The need for documentation; - Direct warranty; Pros industrial assembly of: - Vast experience in developing and manufacturing units; - The adjusted high-tech production in compliance with the technical specifications; - Availability of specialized industrial equipment; - High speed production of standard units (achieved by maintaining a stock of basic components); - Designed lineup optimized arrangement of structural elements; - Full set of documents; - Factory warranty on the equipment; Weaknesses in the industrial assembly of: - The need for equipment delivery from the warehouse of the manufacturer; It can be concluded that in certain situations, both options have the right to exist. However, the company "unit" is constantly working to refrigeration engineering companies were profitable to buy the installation of industrial assembly, than to collect it themselves. To do this, Our company has a production facility equipped with modern facilities and includes metalwork, painting and wiring areas and assembly shop. Production facilities enable you to build units with a minimum amount of solder joints, which reduces the likelihood of leaks and improves the reliability of the whole system. Quality control of finished products is carried out in the technical control department, which is equipped with special equipment and software. Due to the constant presence of stock components deadlines standard unit ranges from 10 to 15 days. Totality of these factors allows the company to continually increase production by offering a high quality product at market prices. In an increasingly competitive and technical progress, the stable operation of the plant is not possible without training. On the other hand, are not reliable operation even high-end equipment without highly qualified installation and service. Realizing the importance of the problem, we conduct regular training of all company personnel in the educational center "KNOWLEDGE OF COLD." In turn, each course has a tiered system of training depending on the basic knowledge. Learning Center has an audience eighteen seats. Training mini shop with seven types of consumers cold; refrigerators, windows, counters. Five users connected to the cascade refrigerating machine, in which R134A is used as refrigerant, and CO2 (carbon dioxide), and two cold consumers are connected to the refrigerating machine using a cold natural. That is winter, direct cooling refrigerant is carried out without a compressor. Refrigeration units are equipped with mimic and remote monitoring. There is a possibility of control of refrigeration units and software processors that control electronic expansion valves, and single-stage cascade refrigeration machine using a computer. Training is conducted both in person and in the form of distance. Manuals are developed for each course that is recommended for use in state training centers and colleges. Works on-line computer, you can communicate by telephone / fax, and e-mail or Skype. Upon completion of training and examinations are given certificates established sample. Training is conducted, associate professor and MSU PP, MEI, college number 28 and 19 in Moscow. With the participation of the team LEU Center "Knowledge cold" projects implemented training centers in college № 28, Moscow, in the Volgograd Technical University, East-Siberian State University of Technology and Management, MEI. Planned construction of training centers in college № 19, Moscow, and the company «Danfoss». Company "Agregat" since the beginning of 2008 has authorized Service Centre «Bitzer», where diagnoses and repair of reciprocating compressors. The company "Agregat" traditionally cooperates with large specialized companies engaged in projects of industrial and commercial enterprises. The products can be used for commercial and industrial use: supermarkets, hypermarkets, storage warehouses, distribution centers, various industrial plants, plants produce ice water, air conditioning systems, ice makers, etc. ldoakkumulyatorah Among our clients: «X5 Retail», trading networks "O'KEY", "Hyper Globe", "MOSMART", "Tape cash-n-carry», «Bill", "Cents", "Roundabout", "COIN "," Auchan ", chain stores at gas stations« BP »,« Lukoil », «Gazprom »; distribution centers for network operators, "Cents", "Dixie", "Roundabout"; Fish processing plant "Meridian" Kudryashovsky meat-Kungurskiy meat-Orsk meat-Kirov Dairy Plant, as well as farms and small businesses. Large amount of equipment working in enterprises in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in various regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
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