Refrigeration equipment Kriotek

Kriotek - one of the leading enterprises in the refrigeration industry, providing a full cycle of design, manufacture, supply and installation of refrigeration equipment and servicing of refrigeration systems and equipment. We offer industrial refrigeration systems and cooling systems from leading European companies Bitzer, Alco, Danfoss, Copeland, Fic, heat transfer equipment Friga-Bohn, Kuba, Guentner. All refrigeration equipment manufactured passes quality control at each stage of production. Either the food industry can not do without quality refrigeration equipment which is able to last for quite a long period of time. Choosing refrigeration systems must take account of the qualitative characteristics of the products offered. All refrigeration and heat exchange equipment manufacturing company Kriotek meet European standards and quality requirements. Including a range of services to our company not only manufacture and supply of refrigeration equipment, but its full maintenance, we do work with us very convenient for shoppers, both permanent and newly acquired. In the catalog of our products you will find any degree of cooling equipment and means of refrigeration and freezing, including skoromorozheniya system and ice makers. All products are manufactured with the use of compressors and parts of the last generation, as well as the latest technological advances, while maintaining the time-tested and have earned the trust of technology and circuit fabrication. Electronic control system for refrigeration and heat exchange equipment allows you to adjust the load as needed, that not only saves energy, but also provides careful operation of the refrigeration equipment. Refrigeration equipment based compressors Bitzer, Copeland, as well as heat transfer equipment Friga-Bohn, supplied by Kriotek, have high quality and long service life, which is important in large enterprises of food industry and produktohraneniya. Using a system of rigorous testing of finished products as well as all the components, the company Kriotek provides qualitative and uninterrupted operation of all refrigeration equipment. On our site you can not only get acquainted with all the offered goods, but also order it online refrigeration, heat transfer equipment, as well as any other refrigeration equipment and accessories. The company is pleased to provide quality Kriotek produktohranenie any food industry, delivering high-quality equipment.

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