Rosenberg Introduces New Ecofit High-Efficiency 192- And 220-Mm E-Wheel Backward-Curved Fans

Date: 21 February 2022

Ecofit-brand high-efficiency E-Wheel backward-curved impellers are now available from Rosenberg USA in the popular 192-mm (7.5-in) and 220-mm (8.6-in.)sizes with your choice of 115V or 230V input. The blades of the new impellers are made from UL 94 V-0 reinforced plastic in a special airfoil design that improves ventilation efficiency and saves energy while reducing operating noise.  

The 192-mm fans generate maximum airflow of 421 CFM at free air. The 230V model offers 234 CFM at .8 inches of pressure with only 56 dB(A).

The new 220-mm models provide a maximum airflow of 586 CFM (230V) at free air with 66 dB(A) of operating noise. The noise level at 1.3 inches of static pressure drops to just 61 dB(A).

Ecofit E-Wheel fans offer smart solutions for many ventilation applications, including air filtration, exhaust fans, HVAC, cooling and thermal management.

The single-phase AC motors for the new fans are CE approved and UL recognized. They are built with standard Class F insulation and Type 2 ball bearings. Spec sheets for all four models are available for download.

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