Sauermann introduced a new range of devices for HVACR engineers

Date: 10 March 2021
Sauermann introduced a new range of devices for HVACR engineers
Sauermann has introduced a new range of devices, designed specifically to make installation and maintenance tasks easier for HVAC engineers.

"Our R&D team started with a simple premise: to overcome the reliability issues that beset entry-level instruments, and to outperform mid-range devices on ease of use and features, including an integrated backlit screen in addition to wireless pairing with Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. And most of all, they drew on Sauermann’s 40 years of experience in metrology to develop measurement instruments that meet the exacting reliability requirements of HVACR professionals," - said in company.

The new HVACR range also delivers efficiency gains for engineers thanks to its ultra-practical and user-friendly design. These small, lightweight, highly portable instruments come with their own carry bag, while the housing is impact-resistant and includes a magnet for affixing the device to a metal wall during measurement. The wireless connected smartphone app allows you to see live measurements, calculated values such as air flow, air velocity, psychrometric parameters. It also allows you to record data and see it as a table or a graph. You can create reports to prove your work to a client and even include pictures.

Si-HVACR Measurement mobile App

The Sauermann Si-HVACR Measurement MobileApp allows to view and record measurements in real-time.

  • Easily view different parameters 
  • Browse saved measurements history and data graphs (average, min & max values, etc.)
  • Create reports (PDF, CSV or XML format) and add up to four (4) photos

"What’s more, our experts have condensed the controls down to just two buttons, setting a new standard for ease of use. And last but not least they all have great battery life: the Si-TT3 can operate for up to 400 hours!" - said in company.
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