Sauermann Releases Exciting New Line of Smart Wireless Manifold and Vacuum Probes

Sauermann has diversified its product offerings by releasing a new line of smart wireless manifold and vacuum probes that provide all-in-one solutions for HVACR technicians and air conditioning professionals.
The new offerings include the Si-RM3 (Smart Digital Manifold Probe), the Si-RV3 (Smart Wireless Vacuum Probe) and the Si-RM13 (Combined Manifold with Smart Wireless Probes and 2-channel by-pass), as well as accessories such as the Si-RM1(wireless pressure probe) and Si-RM2 (individual clamp temperature probe). These products and accessories are important tools that read the pressure of various liquids and gases in an HVACR system, as well as vacuum pressure. Features for the smart wireless probes include Bluetooth with ranges of up to 30m (98 ft) and the ability to store up to 124 refrigerants, including new low global warming potential (GWP) and natural refrigerants. A Si-Manifold App instantly provides condensation/ evaporation temperatures, superheat and sub cooling real-time calculations, and numerous other functions (e.g. data logging, tightness testing, vacuum functions, report exportation, etc.). ̈We are very excited to release this line globally under the Sauermann brand, ̈ said Serge Bohyn, CEO of the Sauermann Group. ¨It represents our entry into new sectors and an ongoing commitment to providing our end users with the very best in global indoor air quality solutions. ̈
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