Sauermann`s new range of accessories

Sauermann`s new range of accessories are versatile -- they can be used with both Sauermann and competitor installations. Sauermann`s new range includes:
  • Connectors with new dimensions
  • Safe wire clamps that replace the need for tie straps
  • Self-sealing and glued drain fittings that resist acidic condensates or connect clear tube to new PVC tubing
  • a Drain safe device with new dimensions
  • Newly designed and easy-to-install elbow adaptors
  • Push-fit fitting tank connectors for flexible installations
Using these accessories will ensure your system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They are also packaged in sealable bags that can be used again to store your remaining Sauermann accessories. By using these for your installations, you will ensure your system gets the treatment it deserves.

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