Sensaphone Sentinel PRO Monitoring System


Product Details: Sensaphone’s cloud-based Sentinel PRO allows you to monitor remote facilities and environments and check critical conditions of your climate-sensitive commodities with the same degree of certainty you’ve come to expect from Sensaphone. The system monitors, delivers alarms, and datalogs input/output points from third-party Modbus sensors, transducers and programmable logic controllers. The system supports Modbus RTU/485 and Modbus TCP. It takes the burden out of managing your system by giving you access to your readings from anywhere using a simple, powerful web-based interface. If there’s a disruption, you’ll be the first to know. Alerts can be sent straight to your mobile device - keeping you updated and giving you peace-of-mind wherever you are so you can remain focused on business as usual.

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    <li>A supervised internet connection assures the Sentinel is online and monitoring at all times</li>
    <li>Store your sensor readings in “the cloud” to automatically protect against data loss and provide limitless information storage.</li>
    <li>Receive alarm notifications through an Internet or cellular connection</li>
    <li>Notifies an unlimited number of people by e-mail, text message or voice phone calls in the event of an alarm</li>
    <li>Poll Modbus registers from other equipment and twelve external sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water and more</li>
    <li>Available with an optional cellular modem for operation in locations where telephone or internet service is unobtainable.</li>
    <li>Temperature sensing range of -109° to 168 °F | -85° to 76 °C</li>
    <li>Manage multiple units, make programming changes and access status conditions using a simple, powerful web-based interface.</li>
Internal rechargeable battery-backup system will provide 8 hours of continuous monitoring and alerting in the event of a power outage. Power failure monitoring.

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