Smart3 technology from KeepRite Refrigeration

Date: 20 June 2019
Smart3 technology from KeepRite Refrigeration
70 years of experience combines with innovative and emerging technologies to create KeepRite Refrigeration’s award winning Smart3 suite of Systems Saving Solutions. Smart3 technology can best be defined as a suite of technical innovations working together to reduce operating costs and environmental impact while delivering exceptional performance and optimal efficiency.

As one of North America’s most respected and recognized commercial refrigeration manufacturers, KeepRite Refrigeration’s Smart3 suite of products has set the stage for advancement in the commercial refrigeration industry.

The Smart3 Family of Technologies

Revolutionary by industry standards, the Smart3 family of technologies includes Limitrol+, Link/Link+, SmartSpeed, the Quiet Unit, and most recent technology, ESP+. As single components, each has their stand-alone benefits. It’s when they are combined together that they achieve the best results, every time.

Limitrol+ saves both energy and refrigerant as it’s designed to work in the extremes of the North American climate. The technologies included in Limitrol+ combine into a responsive system that floats head pressure, saving refrigerants and energy up to 30%.

Link/Link+ systems redefine flexibility in commercial refrigeration solutions. Each system is custom designed from the ground up to meet your specific application need. Link and Link+ also has the ability to reduce insulation material such as copper piping, while also reducing refrigerant charge.

The award-winning Quiet Unit is designed for refrigeration duty and ideally suited where space limitations, energy efficiency, or sound levels are of concern. It’s a highly adaptive unit with a minimal footprint that’s ideal for use in restrictive urban settings. With an optional wall mounting kit, it could be one of our most versatile offerings yet.

SmartSpeed EC Fan Motor Technology is distinct in that it changes speed according to system operation and ambient conditions. Using SmartSpeed technology on both condensing units and evaporators can save up to 25% on total energy consumption.

Last, but certainly not least, KeepRite Refrigeration’s ESP+ intuitive evaporator control technology is designed to replace traditional electro-mechanical refrigeration controls typically used on medium and low temperature applications.
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