Solid Lines: New Frost-trol's Product Range


Solid Lines is the name of our new and improved product range. It includes a vast number of models of every type possible within the commercial refrigeration sector, with special emphasis on the development of remote display cabinets (Supermarket range), without neglecting the growing demand in the market for cabinets with built-in condensing units (Plug-In range).

For the Solid Lines range, we have paid special attention to both appearance and technical design, to ensure the optimal operation and performance of these cabinets. The result is this varied catalogue of especially innovative products that are both modern and elegant, featuring straight lines, in accordance with current market trends.

Among the main generic features of the Solid Lines range, one of the most important is improved product visibility in all types of cabinets, thanks to the development of different solutions to make better use of space and the introduction of transparent components. By keeping the top panels as small as possible on vertical display cabinets, we have considerably improved their load capacity and given the cabinet a much lighter appearance, in line with modern design standards.


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