STULZ brings the brand new CyberZen series

In December of 2016, engineers in STULZ gathered the Germany design concept and Chinese market characteristics, and promoted the series of CyberZen. After the fact that STULZ has accumulated a lot of experience in Chinese market, the wish of developing a series of customized products for Chinese market was ultimately realized. This customized product can be told from its name --- ‘Zen’means Buddhist in Chinese. STULZ CyberZen series undertake the responsibility of energy resource, and devote it into breaking through original standard of product performance to make more environmental-protected air conditioning surroundings. stulz-cyberzen

More outstanding new technology

CyberZen insists the high quality of STULZ, and makes the large enhancement in price performance come true. Its aim is to make more Chinese clients enjoy the advanced technology and high-quality product from German. At the same time of realizing high energy efficiency, this series runs refrigeration effect with low noise. Meanwhile, the products also create more refrigerating capacity and modular design easy for transportation with lower running cost and smaller floor space. What worth to be mentioned is that the fan diameter with EC technology is 630mm, providing higher energy efficiency. According to the optimized vanes, it uses the newest electrical machine, electronic processor and vane wheel, realizing lower power dissipation, lower noise level and higher airflow efficiency.  

More flexible high performance

STULZ CyberZen air conditioning adopts high-quality and compact elements to combine on the basis of individual needs so that it can apply for your space and characteristics of datacenter flexibly. Enough spare sets can make sure the highest availability of datacenter. Otherwise, STULZ CyberZen series have elastic expansion capability for making response to heat load of IT infrastructure construction, and even for installing more air conditioning during the operating process. C7000 microprocessor can be made up of 32 units of air conditioning in maximum. The system has already been set up in advance, and start using once the installation is done. Air conditioning unit can be installed in an independent air-conditioned room, or in individual room in the datacenter. The refrigerating fluid pipeline of each air conditioning set adapts relative operating condition. Furthermore, the system can realize optimized air distribution in any case, which would efficiently prevent the hot spot.  

More accurate micro-control

Each STULZ CyberZen air conditioning set is equipped with micro-control processor to switch to the reserve set automatically when there is a problem. All the micro adjustment can implement through STULZ C7000 microprocessor and the maintenance elements is on the top side of air conditioning. In addition, STULZ CyberZen realizes the precise and reliable control to air conditioning and reserve capacity on the basis of highly advanced electronic technology. Integrating in each STULZ C7000 microprocessor of air conditioning is the center of our created control concept. The microprocessor makes all the working elements keep in balance, and it precisely adjusts many parameters like air quantity, external pressure, noise level and refrigerating capacity based on the condition of machine room. Moreover, it also provides data with promoted control, releases maintenance memo and alert through e-mail or text, and connects normal BMS building management system and Internet through USB. STULZ has worked on developing and manufacturing precision air conditioning and cooling-water machine since 1971, and has accumulated rich experience through thousands of global projects over 40 years. All the engineers, experts and sales specialists have combined efforts and devoted all from development stage to birth of product. With the coming of 2017, STULZ carries brand-newCyberZen series product to Chinese market. We are looking forward that STULZ will achieve a better performance in the next year. Over 60 years, STULZ is always the leader in precision air conditioning advanced technology. There are 6 manufacturing bases over the world, separately set in Germany, Italy, the US, India, China and Brazil, with over 5000 staff in total. The annual total sales revenue of 2010 was up to 1 billion euros, with product branching to over 130 regions and countries. Moreover, STULZ built the manufacturing base in Shanghai. At the same time of fast self-developing in scale, STULZ China manufacturing base keeps strict professional technology from Germany, and makes sure precision air conditioning with best quality to be provided to Chinese market.   Read More
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