STULZ CyberCool Indoor

Free cooling function for maximum efficiency: STULZ CyberCool Indoor provides powerful, highly efficient chilled water cooling with a minimal footprint. The unit’s modern design and compact construction allows it to be installed inside the building easily, as well as integrated in existing systems. CyberCool Indoor EC was developed for especially stringent project requirements.

CyberCool Indoor with three cooling systems

In order to guarantee chilled water generation to suit requirements, CyberCool Indoor is available in two versions and three different systems. The systems allow for scalable planning and grow at the same pace as your future requirements. A chilled water circuit transfers the heat load to the evaporator where the heat is drawn from the water and passed to the refrigerant. The refrigerant gives off the heat to the outside air via an air-cooled condenser. Like A/AS on the direct evaporator principle - with one difference: the heat is transferred to a water/glycol mixture via an integrated plate condenser; this mixture gives off its heat to the outside air in a closed circuit via an external dry cooler. Like G/GS, but with indirect free cooling which replaces energy-intensive compressor operation in part or in full when outside temperatures are low. In FC mode, the heat is transferred straight to the chilled water circuit by an integrated free cooling heat exchanger and given off into the outside air via an external dry cooler. The most efficient mode is selected automatically depending on outside temperature – reliably throughout the whole year and whatever the local temperature profile. Compressor mode (DX): At high outside temperatures, entire cooling capacity is achieved using the compressor. The use of perfectly-matched components means that the CyberCool Indoor already works extremely efficiently, even in this mode. Mixed mode: At moderate temperatures, the CyberCool Indoor runs in energy-efficient mixed mode, a mixture of free cooling and significantly-reduced compressor cooling. Free cooling mode (FC): At low outside temperatures, free cooling delivers the greatest potential savings. In this case, only outside air is used for cooling, compressor cooling is switched off completely. Read More
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