STULZ introduces Micro Data Centers

STULZ’s new Micro Data Center, The STULZ Micro DC, can be configured with all the key design aspects of a bricks and mortar data center, including critical power control and monitoring, fire suppression, physical security and precision cooling. STULZ introduces a micro data center for low to high density applications. The STULZ Micro DC provides a cost-effective solution to quickly build up local IT capacity where it is needed. This modular, highly efficient solution is easily scalable to meet both the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow – even in places where space is limited.The standard 19" rack system supports assemblies ranging from 40U to 48U in height and can be equipped with accessories such as a UPS, PDU, cable management system, LED lights, fire suppression, cameras, software for environmental monitoring and environmental control. Micro DCs are available as a single-rack variant or as a locally integrated collection of up to six racks. To ensure reliable operation in harsh environments, the cabinet can be fitted with dust and water or intrusion protection in compliance with IP55 specification. Possible applications of the STULZ Micro DC range from facilitating edge-computing architectures and IoT installations to connecting IT to production lines and manufacturing facilities. As standard, the Micro DC features an Integrated Cooling System (ICS) for low to medium density applications which can be mounted internally or on the side. An internal mount provides 3kW – 5kW of precise cooling and uses 6U, whilst a side-mount provides 5kW – 25kW of cooling without using any U space. The ICS is available in chilled water and direct expansion systems. For high performance applications, STULZ has partnered with CoolIT Systems to offer the innovative Chip-to-Atmosphere cooling solution, which combines the standard ICS with a direct liquid-to-chip system - Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC). This state-of-the-art technology uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide concentrated cooling to the hottest components inside a server, enabling very high density configurations. By incorporating DCLC technology from CoolIT, the STULZ Micro DC can dissipate extreme heat loads of up to 80 kW per rack.This widens the range of applications of the Micro DC including a variety of processor-intensive applications in science and research, big data and engineering. The highly efficient and energy-saving direct liquid-to-chip cooling solution can be flexibly integrated into existing water circuits such as condenser return water, chiller return water and facility auxiliary water. Counter cooling with a temperature spanning 2°C to 35°C is carried out using chillers, cooling towers, fluid coolers or conventional heat exchangers. CoolIT DCLC technology has been embraced by the majority of the main hardware manufacturers which now deploy their servers with embedded DCLC technology.
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