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SuperSmart is an EU project intended to accelerate the uptake of more energy efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions. It is targeted at the food retail sector by reducing energy use and the environmental footprint, providing increased economic benefits. Advansor is part of the project, sponsoring both the test racks installed at Sintef/NTNU in Trondheim, Norway and the vital information about the latest CO2 based refrigeration technologies. The racks have gas & liquid ejectors, with a special ejector also for air conditioning. The very latest concepts concerning the optimal performance of a supermarket refrigeration system have been incorporated in their design. The Managing Director of Advansor, Kim Christensen is convinced that the “SuperSmart” project will bring new knowledge into play in terms of integrated system design, energy efficiency and new boundaries for controls and system components. “Advansor stands to benefit greatly from this project, it will enable us to deliver compelling evidence concerning the new technologies to the market, including valuable data and experience with ejector operations. It is a huge and important investment for Advansor and we are certain that the results of the project will provide us and our customers with new and interesting opportunities” confirmed Kim Christensen. Expected commissioning is March 2017. Also sponsoring the project are our partners Danfoss, Bitzer and SWEP.   Read More
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