Systemair expands Geniox range with four big sizes

Date: 04 February 2022
Systemair expands Geniox range with four big sizes
Systemair expands Geniox range with four big sizes
Systemair has added four new high-capacity models to its Geniox family of air handling units. Offering airflows from 40,000 to 110,000 m3/h, the new Geniox sizes 35, 38, 41 and 44 are designed to provide high quality indoor air in buildings with large open areas, such as hospitals, warehouses, factories, and similar facilities. With the larger units, Systemair now has a full range of new generation, energy efficient Geniox air handling units (AHUs) with airflows from 750 to 110,000 m3/h. The Geniox range can now meet most project requirements in terms of unit size, airflow, heating and cooling capacity.

Product Manager Claus Pedersen: “At Systemair we are dedicated to helping installers, consultants and building owners solve their indoor air quality challenges. The large sizes are an economical choice for large-scale applications. They are more cost-effective in operation since they have more room to push the air to the building and therefore use less electrical power. This aligns with our mission to reduce energy consumption.”

In some cases customers can install one big Geniox AHU instead of two or three. Extensive duct systems are not required and it is simpler to run and service one large unit than several small ones. Like all AHU's in the Geniox range, the large sizes are easy to select, commission and operate.

Geniox AHU’s offer high heat recovery efficiency, low pressure drop, and low power consumption. The casing panels are insulated with mineral wool to thermal insulation standard T2. EC fans in the full range give high efficiency and low SFP values.

All four large sizes are available with rotary heat exchangers and run-around coils while the Geniox 35 range also includes crossflow versions. Customers can choose from different fan sizes to suit their needs. The units are available with Eurovent hygiene certification and VDI 6022-1.

During development the large Geniox AHU’s were rigorously tested to ensure safe operation. For ease of transport, their physical dimensions were chosen with truck dimensions in mind and the units are available with appropriate casing splits. In appearance the Geniox 35, 38, 41 and 44 match the other units in the range. The gasket around the doors in the familiar Geniox green color will enable customers to recognize them immediately.

The new units are available through Systemair’s selection software SystemairCAD.

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