Systemair introduces new Topvex rotary air handling units

Date: 07 September 2021
Systemair introduces new Topvex rotary air handling units
Systemair introduces new Topvex rotary air handling units
The new Topvex generation offers an extended range of sizes and airflows, all featuring a truly compact design with a small footprint, allowing passage through a standard door opening, making installation easier and providing consultants and installers with even greater flexibility.

Juan Manuel Fernández, Technical Product Manager, Systemair: "The evolution of the new Topvex range serves as an important milestone for indoor air quality. We concentrated on making Topvex easy to work with every step of the way. The result is a range of truly compact, efficient air handling units with low energy consumption that are easy to select, transport, install and control. AHUs in our new Topvex range are an efficient solution both for refurbishment projects and for new constructions. I'm also happy to say that we can offer unmatched lead times and fast delivery."

The latest models maintain the new generation of Topvex range's core values of being an easy, compact, and quick solution for all project types. Topvex units are equipped with the most efficient fans and low noise levels. The entire range is Eurovent Certified and meets VDI 6022-1 hygienic requirements by design. Topvex AHUs also offer easy access to all relevant documentation and certification, aligning with Systemair's digitalisation initiatives. Every unit has a scannable code, allowing access to all documentation in more than 20 languages via mobile devices.

Customers can easily select the suitable units for their specific project through Systemair's user-friendly Systemair Configurator. Installation is plug-and-play, and commissioning is effortless using the smart Systemair Access Control System with simple navigation and configuration. Systemair Access also offers intuitive menus that help users craft the perfect indoor climate in their homes, offices, and schools.

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