Tecumseh AEX Compressor Models Deliver an Expanded Capacity


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Tecumseh has bolstered its AE<sup>2</sup> series compressor offering by launching AEX low/medium temperature compressor models with an expanded capacity and broader evaporating range.

<div class="main-content">A total of six (6) AEX compressor models, which have been optimized for use with eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (Propane), are now available for customer sampling.
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Currently available AEX compressor models encompass a capacity range from 1500 to 2800 Btuh for low temperature and from 3000 to 5600 Btuh for medium temperature applications.  The expanded application range encompasses an evaporating temperature from -31°F to +23°F (-35°C to -5°C).

AEX models with a capacity range from 1500 to 2800 Btuh (based on a low evaporating temperature rating point) are rated for 115-127 VAC, 60Hz, single-phase use.  The AEX433U model is rated for 115 VAC, 60Hz, single-phase.  All AEX compressor models have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories.

As part of Tecumseh’s on-going product standardization efforts, AEX models use the same housing and tubing configuration as the popular AE<sup>2</sup> series commercial refrigeration compressor.


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