Tefcold presented new cooler made for caviar

Date: 12 May 2021
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UR90G-I is a table top freezer optimised for cooling caviar, but can also be used for low alcoholic drinks. The sub zero model has an electronic thermostat and thermometer, which makes sure that the sensitive caviar is not exposed to wrong temperatures. Ideally caviar should be stored at -6 to 0 degrees celcius. An ordinary cooler is to warm and a ordinary freezer is to cold. Storage under wrong temperatures will ruin the quality of the caviar. A ventilated cooling system makes sure the temperature is even and stable on all shelves. The thermostat is placed at the back of the unit, so that the temperature is not changed by accident. Besides functionality and quality, we have also focused on the visual impression. The unit has a cool elegant design with internal LED light in a cold color tone. It is black inside and outside. It has heated double glass in the door in order to make sure that there is no dew after opening the unit. The content is presented in the best possible way.

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