TelevisGo is new device for the monitoring and control from Eliwell

TelevisGo is a device for the monitoring, control and remote management of installations. The product is based on a PC Embedded standard platform to offer greater calculation power, data filing space and, thanks to the Microsoft Embedded operating system, easy system expansion using standard peripherals available on the market. TelevisGo is an open system, it automatically recognises Eliwell controllers and integrates third-party measuring and control devices equipped with modbus protocol, without the use of additional interfaces. The open protocol Data Transfer XML allows data exchange via TCP/IP for the centralisation of information. It also allows remote adjustment of installation control parameters, optimising their management with automatic systems.

Data recording and Alarm management Recording temperature / pressure / humidity / digital inputs and outputs / functional statuses Recording alarm conditions and signaling by email and SMS Energy reports Connection to energy meters with MODBUS protocol Dashboards dedicated to the real time and historic display of energy consumption Graphic display of energy consumption combined with the functional parameters of the installation Graphic display Display and access to data and parameters of the controllers by means of a freely configurable graphic interface HTML interface accessible by most browsers for PC, tablet and smartphone (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox) The graphic interface can be planned off-line with the tools freely available for download from the site Web Connectivity All TelevisGo functions are accessible in remote mode with a web browser It is possible to access all the historic and real time information and to interact with each controller connected to the system to change its parameters and activate the functions The complete management of TelevisGo is included (configuration, updating, restarting of the device) TelevisGo can be connected to the Internet with ADSL, 3G or 4G connections, or by configuring the LAN/WAN network to which the device is connected Activity automation Automation of recurrent activities such as switching the lights on and off for energy saving Periodic sending by e-mail of detailed reports in PDF format Periodic transfer of data to centralised systems for performance analysis Algorithms and Expandability with IEC 61131 Not available in LE versions

System extensions with new plug-n-play algorithms installable from the web interface

Algorithms for management of floating evaporation, faulty pressure probe backup and distribution of the dewpoint for energy saving functions with RTX600 /V and EWCM 9000 EO

System for the development of new algorithms for distributed management of the installation based on FREE Studio with standard languages IEC 61131


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