The FlashLink Mini Universal Seafood Logger


The FlashLink Mini Universal Seafood Logger is an essential tool for helping seafood shippers and suppliers meets requirements for documenting temperature of seafood during transportation; and having accurate records means being prepared for FDA inspections.

The logger is mounted on a bright green locator card, making it easy for receivers to find it upon arrival, and a plastic shipping pouch keeps it dry. Alarms are preconfigured specifically for seafood products, with the high alarm limit set at 38°F/3°C and low alarm limit set at 32°F/0°C. A red LED flashes to indicate when out-of-range conditions have occurred.
<div>The FlashLink Mini Universal Protein Data Logger is mounted on a bright green locator card, making it easy to find and retrieve when a load arrives. These loggers have alarms preconfigured specifically for protein products, with a high alarm limit set at 36°F/2°C, and low alarm limit at 28°F/-2°C.</div>
Why Universal?

Both of these models are accepted by most receivers of temperature sensitive seafood and protein products. This means that suppliers can consolidate inventory to one brand, and no longer need to stock multiple types of data loggers in the shipping office. Using DeltaTrak loggers on all outbound loads means saving time, space, and money; and also means not having to worry about running out of one particular brand.

Guaranteed Data, Easy to Download

DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log® feature guarantees data even if a shipper forgets to start the logger, which means trip history will always be available to verify that products were transported under correct temperature conditions. Data is downloaded from the loggers with free FlashPDF software, so reports can easily be shared via email and archived for record keeping and traceability purposes.

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