The Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower

The new NC Everest crossflow cooling tower from SPX Cooling Technologies offers 50 percent more cooling capacity per cell*, making it a logical choice for a variety of demanding cooling applications in HVAC, industrial and power markets. In addition to unmatched cooling capacity, the NC Everest requires up to 35% less fan power for higher energy savings.* Its unique design minimizes piping and electrical connections to reduce installation costs. The NC Everest has significant advantages over field-erected cooling towers as well. It typically delivers with 60 percent shorter lead time and installs in about 20 percent of the time to get operations underway faster. The design and field assembly process reduce on-site labor and work duration for a safer work environment. And NC Everest offers more site placement options and typically uses less plan area than field-erected towers. Featuring the new, patent-pending MarKey Drift Eliminators, the NC Everest cooling tower achieves the lowest measurable drift rate, down to 0.0005 percent of circulating water flow, so less water escapes the tower.* NC Everest sound levels have been independently verified, per CTI ATC-128 test code, by third-party CTI-licensed test agents and certified acoustical engineers. Only Marley brand towers from SPX Cooling Technologies are subjected to this rigorous independent sound testing. Built with industrial-strength materials and engineered to withstand the demands of industrial applications, the NC Everest includes a heavy gauge steel structure, exclusive Marley Geareducer and robust mechanical components. The integral cold water basin eliminates costly concrete basin construction. Seven-foot doors provide access to the tower’s interior service decks and mechanical components, making routine inspections and maintenance safer and easier. The NC Everest is also Factory Mutual approved for use without a fire protection system, making operation insurance more affordable. *As compared to other single-cell factory-assembled cooling towers. 
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