The Marley V Tech Fluid Cooler Provides Advantages for HVAC Applications

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. announces the Marley V Tech Adiabatic Fluid Cooler for closed loop HVAC systems. The Marley V Tech Adiabatic Fluid Cooler provides lower energy usage and a smaller footprint than an air-cooled fluid cooler and up to 60 percent or more reduction in site water usage compared to an evaporative fluid cooler. In addition, the V Tech Adiabatic Fluid Cooler’s highly-engineered metered water distribution system minimizes water treatment requirements. The Marley V Tech Fluid Cooler enhances the utility of an air-cooled system with the efficiency boost of a wet system during peak conditions. Adiabatic precooling of the air dramatically increases the heat rejection capability, enabling outlet temperatures not possible with a standard air-cooled fluid cooler. Evaporative pads precool air only on peak days and coils remain dry to maintain efficiency and life expectancy. Electronically commutated (EC) motors help ensure reliable and efficient operation. The Marley V Tech Fluid Cooler is equipped with hydroBLU™* intelligent water and energy management controls. With adjustable setpoints to tailor operation to the user’s needs, the control system determines operating mode, controls fan speed and regulates water volume delivered to adiabatic pads based on real-time conditions, and is suitable for standalone operation or remote interface control. The integral water management system distributes a targeted volume of water evenly across the evaporative pads, minimizing dry spots. Water not evaporated helps to continuously rinse the pads. This minimizes the potential for scaling and clogging, and reduces accumulation of dirt and debris on the heat exchanger’s finned surface. *hydroBLU is a registered trademark of Güntner US LLC.
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