The new DAIKIN Sky Air Seasonal Smart Bluevolution series

The product is designed for light commercial applications, and it convinces through its low-noise and draft-free operation. By using R-32 refrigerant highest seasonal efficiency is achieved. With the Sky Air Bluevolution Round flow cassette, DAIKIN is introducing the first unit for commercial applications using R-32 refrigerant on the European market. The unique DAIKIN Bluevolution Round flow cassette provides 360° air discharge, meaning that it blows air outwards not only on the sides, but also in the corners. Furthermore, five different ventilation speeds are available. The wired remote control makes it possible to individually open or close each of the flaps, allowing the unit to be adapted to every room layout. Besides the remote control, operations can also be controlled with the intelligent Tablet Controller discreetly installed in the salon. This makes a user-friendly and individual programming of operating times possible, thereby maximizing efficiency. The Round flow cassette fits in with the modern interior furnishings inconspicuously. The low noise operation is especially important because of immediately adjacent residential houses. The case is weather-resistant and very robust. In comparison to R-410A products, the outdoor units are charged with about 12 % less refrigerant and R-32 has a 68 % lower GWP value. Following the introduction of R-32 refrigerant for residential room air conditioners and heat pumps under the Bluevolution technology range in Europe, DAIKIN has now launched a new Sky Air Seasonal Smart system variant. This product range is suitable for smaller offices and retail stores. The modular design makes tailor-made applications possible, which include intelligent energy consumption and high flexibility, both during installation and operations. Due to the low GWP of the refrigerant (GWP = 675), all DAIKIN Bluevolution units already today meet the requirements of the new European F-gas regulation of 2025. Thanks to the low GWP, a lower impact on the environment and an increase in efficiency of at least 5 % is achieved in comparison to R-410A equipment. When opting for an R-32 combination, efficiency classes of up to A++ are achieved. The large selection of indoor units offers a variety of comfortable solutions for heating and cooling.

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