The new frontier for refrigeration system design

Heos System is the new concept offered by CAREL for commercial refrigeration.

 A new way of developing refrigeration systems that comprises plug-in cabinets featuring simple on-board refrigeration units with DC inverter compressors. The heat of condensation is carried outside of the store via a simple water loop, which is in turn is cooled by an outdoor dry cooler.

This new type of refrigeration system stands out for three simple reasons:

heos 80%
  • No long copper pipes;
  • No comp rack and receivers;
  • 1-2kg refrigerant charge for cabinets
heos 96%
  • From «multiplexed systems» 10-15% to «integral cabinets» 1-2%;
  • No welding on the field;
  • Factory tested units.
heos 25%
  • High efficiency DC compressors;
  • Individual evap. temperature;
  • Fully controlled performances

The fundamental concepts of this system are:

1. Flexibility
This is an increasing need for all supermarket chains, mainly as a consequence of growth in the convenience store segment, which requires flexible installation, and the possibility to change and redesign spaces and maximise display area.
  • No more need of compressor rack: Wider sales area;
  • Easy installation or deinstallation of new/promotional cabinets: Flexible sales area;
  • Possibility to easly move cabinets inside the supermarket: Easy layout change;
  • Critical components fully contained into the cabinet: High investment recovery in case in case of store relocation.
2. Energy efficiency   Primarily due to the use of DC inverter compressors, specifically designed to maximise efficiency when operating at part loads and with a wide range of speed modulation, when coupled with electronic expansion valves the energy efficiency of a Heos system is further enhanced thanks to complete control of the various units, maximising performance through the use of advanced algorithms.
  • higher efficiency at part load;
  • wide modulation range: from 15 to 90 rps;
  • optimum food temperature control;
  • full control of refrigeration unit, safe envelope management;
  • COP calculation, predictive algorithms and real defrost on demand.
heso graph
DC vs. ON/OFF compressors The wide range of speed modulation and intrinsic efficiency of DC compressors mean they can guarantee, compared to traditional on/off units:
  • Energy saving of up to 25%;
  • Lower noise and smaller dimensions;
  • Greater reliability due to less on/off cycles;
  • More stable control.
Source: Carel

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