The new GEA Hilge HYGIA – versatile and adaptable

The new GEA Hilge HYGIA is a hygienic pump that offers a high degree of flexibility. It completes the GEA VARIPUMP range. In particular, users from the foodstuffs, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry benefit from the tremendous adaptability of these single-stage stainless steel centrifugal pumps with EHEDG certification.

Perfectly adapted to suit customer needs

The GEA Hilge HYGIA has been further improved for operation in various production processes and it can be configured to suit individual customer requirements. This series of pumps is offered ex-factory in two sizes and features a high standard of surface quality. A version is also available made of completely pore-free material – i.e. no cast components in the area in contact with a customer product or medium.
The new motor connection concept – based on a modular design - enables the GEA Hilge HYGIA to be equipped with a vast array of motors, enabling this concept to satisfy international standards and specifications. Customers can benefit from a high standard of technical support and can rely upon full availability of spare parts. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the merging of existing service units creates a comprehensive network of service outlets.


  • The GEA Hilge HYGIA combines the previous product ranges of Euro-HYGIA and F&B-HYGIA.
  • The pumps in the GEA Hilge HYGIA series are single-stage, non self priming centrifugal pumps designed specifically for use in industries that impose stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and flexibility.
  • A standard motor is used instead of the bloc motor.
  • The new stainless steel motor shroud is part of the GEA Hilge TP module design .
  • The HYGIA can also be supplied with a very robust quench mechanical seal and a GEA Tuchenhagen drain valve.
  • Fully compliant with the stringent requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the QHD (Qualified Hygienic Design).

Hygienic pumps made by GEA

Back in 2016, GEA combined its range of hygiene pumps into two product groups - GEA SMARTPUMP and GEA VARIPUMP to enable it to satisfy the process requirements and customer needs even better. The VARIPUMP range was optimized primarily for challenging applications in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and dairy sectors, and provides unrivalled flexibility for its users. In contrast, the hygienic pumps in the SMARTPUMP range have been standardised to a high degree, they are easy to configure, inexpensive to purchase and can be supplied at shorter notice. Particularly in cost-critical production systems, it makes sound economic sense to use GEA SMARTPUMP models and this does not involve making any concessions in terms of quality.

Certified portfolio

In the new GEA Hilge Competence Centre in Bodenheim, advanced pump products and processes are developed on a joint basis with customers and partners. The GEA Flow-Components portfolio comprises hygienic pumps as well as valve technology for all hygiene classes (Hygienic, UltraClean, Aseptic) as well as cleaning technology. All products comply with the highest of international hygiene standards such as EHEDG and 3-A. Delivery and service support are provided by the worldwide GEA Sales & Service Network. GEA provides comprehensive service for the entire life cycle across all product areas.  
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